Debit Cards Scott State Bank

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Debit Cards

Debit Cards

For lost or stolen Debit Cards:

During regular banking hours, please call 1-217-665-3321

During non-banking hours, please call our debit card processor, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) at 1-844-202-5333. A representative from CSI will verify your identity and cancel your card.  Re-issuing your new card will be handled at one of the following Scott State Bank locations:  Bethany, Decatur, Maroa, Mt. Zion or Sullivan.  You may also immediately turn your card off through our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking system.

Faster than writing a check.  Safer than cash.  And accepted anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed.

Access your money when you want, where you want with our MasterCard debit card.

The debit card allows you to make withdrawals of up to $500 cash per day at the ATM and purchases of up to $1,000 per day.

For your convenience, you may change your PIN by stopping by any of our locations.

If you are traveling internationally or outside your immediate area of residence and plan to use your debit card, please contact us.  Call 1-217-665-3321 or stop at any of our Scott State Bank locations and let us know your travel dates to avoid potential declines.

AlphaLink Alliance

In addition to our 9 local ATM’s, we also participate in the AlphaLink Alliance that allows you to access additional ATM’s with no surcharge fee.  Participating ATM locations can be found by clicking here.  In addition, our foreign ATM fee will also be waived when using these ATM’s.


For your convenience, we can instantly issue you a personal debit card at the following locations:

  • Bethany
  • Decatur
  • Maroa
  • Mt Zion
  • Sullivan

Personal Debit Card

Our debit card gives you convenient, quick access to your money 24 hours a day, with all the advantages of MasterCard and the PULSE Network.


  • Make purchases from any merchant that accepts MasterCard
  • Shop online
  • Withdraw funds at any ATM *surcharges may apply
  • Funds are automatically deducted from your checking account and appear on your monthly statement

Scott State Bank ATM Locations


** Available 24 hours per day

Business Debit Card

Business Spending Made Easy

Simplify your money management:

  • All cards linked to one account
  • Set spending controls for each employee cardholder
  • Minimize the need to use personal funds for business expenses
  • Track each purchase with receipts
  • Funds are automatically deducted from your business checking account and appear on your monthly statement

Health Savings Account Card

Access your Health Savings Account anytime, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

  • Pay for qualified expenses
  • Track each purchase with receipts
  • Funds are automatically deducted from your HSA account and appear on your monthly statement

ATM Networks:

We are now members of the PULSE ATM network.

To find other ATM’s in the PULSE network, please visit: