Farm Management Scott State Bank

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Farm Management

Farm Management is offered through our Trust Department located at:

Scott State Bank
101 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 245
Bethany, IL  61914
Phone: (217) 665-3321

Professional Farm Management Services are available through the Trust Department of Scott State Bank.  We offer a variety of options tailored to landowners who may not be involved in the hands-on farming operation.  Our management team serves as asset managers and represents the landowners to help them optimize the returns from their farm.  Our approach to farm management emphasizes a high level of communication, customer service, stewardship, production, marketing, and accounting.

When you choose our farm management team, we treat your farm as we would our own.  Each decision is made with your best interests in mind and we are available for consultation at your discretion.  We value educating landlords and keeping them informed in the planting, marketing, and harvesting stages of their crops.  If any improvements are needed to the farms we will research the best options and present them to the landlords for consideration.  Our Farm Management Department also analyzes soil testing results and utilizes variable rate technology, to maximize the long-term fertility of the farm and fertilize the soil more efficiently.

We understand every farm operation is unique and will select the right hybrid, fertility program, and chemical plan to set the stage for a productive year.  The volatility of the grain markets has become ever-apparent the last several years, and our management team is well-equipped to help you unload the burden and achieve your ownership goals for the farm.

If you would like to put an experienced farm management team to work for you, contact us at (217) 665-3321.